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  • June 28, 2021

TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital Achieves Healthgrades 2021 Outstanding Patient Experience Award June 28, 2021 (HOUSTON) – TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital achieved the 2021 Healthgrades Outstanding (more…)

  • April 23, 2021

Grant Magness Named CEO for TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital April 23, 2021 (HOUSTON)– TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, a 5-Star rated hospital by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, is pleased to welcome Grant Magness...


  • June 24, 2022

Shoulder surgery is a common procedure, with thousands of patients in the United States undergoing it each year. We’ll look at the different shoulder surgery mechanisms so you can better understand your options if you...

  • June 19, 2022

Hand surgery can treat various conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and fractures. However, it’s not usually the first course of action. Many physicians and patients prefer using alternative treatments before opting for surgery....

  • June 12, 2022

Urological conditions affect the urinary tract (and in the case of males, the reproductive system), impacting a person’s daily activities and quality of life. Here are a few of the most common urological conditions you...

  • June 3, 2022

Breast cancer is a disease that affects millions of women worldwide, and it’s important to know how specialists are treating it. There are several different types of breast cancer treatments used to help fight this disease: chemotherapy,...

Media Coverage

  • June 11, 2021

Dr. Stephen Rose, Medical Director with Tops Comprehensive Breast Center shares the latest technology for mammograms to help beat and survive breast cancer.

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