Medical emergencies require urgent and appropriate action. Whether you are coming in for planned treatment or a health emergency, our healthcare professionals have been trained to act on your medical concerns quickly and treat you accordingly.

At TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, our healthcare team, our advanced technology, and our ability to react to emergencies make us one of the best-rated healthcare providers in the Houston area.

Urgent Medical Care is Our Hallmark

At TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, we work with well-trained staff and qualified nurses to help our physicians achieve better patient outcomes. Our team has undergone rigorous training and closely follows the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) Emergency Treatment Area (ETA) guidelines. We are well versed in recognizing emergencies that require urgent action. Our quick thinking and analytical skills help us handle medical emergencies and save precious lives.

Technology for immediate healthcare treatment

Medical technology plays a vital role in medical treatment. At TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, we recognize the need for updated and innovative technological equipment. Our outpatient and surgical facilities are equipped with sophisticated equipment that helps us provide effective treatment and top results.

Qualified healthcare professionals at your service

Our attentive and empathetic healthcare staff can speed up your recovery and create a friendly atmosphere for you.

From our nurses to our doctors, our healthcare team is committed to improving patient care  and getting you the care you need to get better. Our healthcare professionals work in line with the WHO’s ETA guidelines to optimize urgent care for you.

Our staff can efficiently navigate medical emergencies such as airway obstructions, breathing problems, convulsive seizures, dehydration issues, and circulatory shock. We act according to the ETA guidelines and administer urgent care to prevent death. We take immense care to identify urgent care patients and administer appropriate treatment.

Our effective ETA care has enabled us to improve the survival rate and lower the rate of readmission.

We accept medical insurance plans

Medical emergencies can arise anywhere, anytime. This is why we take vital measures at TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital to ensure that you don’t have to experience financial complications. We accept most major medical coverage plans in order to simplify the ordeal for you.

Moreover, we offer various financial assistance programs that can make healthcare more affordable for you. You can learn more about our financial assistance programs through our Patient Center.

You can get in touch with our healthcare providers and learn more about our doctors and healthcare staff below.