An estimated 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. At TOPS Comprehensive Breast Center, our doctors and medical staff are helping patients every day receive an early and accurate diagnosis followed by the treatments they need to both manage their disease and recover their lives.

With our innovative screening and diagnostics facilities, we are detecting breast cancer in its early stages. Early diagnosis helps our breast cancer specialists devise more effective treatment plans and implement them at the right time, which increases the chances of healing and recovery.

Moreover, an early diagnosis can help doctors prevent breast cancer from progressing to a more serious, life-threatening condition. With the right medical technology, an accomplished team of healthcare professionals, and a reliable breast cancer support community, we aim to transform your breast cancer journey into the least disruptive experience possible.

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We are standing by your side when you need us most

TOPS Comprehensive Breast Center is striving to be the leading breast care center in the United States. Our team of leading physicians, surgeons, and healthcare staff works to supplement you with breast cancer educational resources, screenings, diagnostics, and treatment facilities. Bringing together primary care physicians, oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, and surgeons, we provide a coordinated plan for your breast cancer treatment like no other facility.

Innovative technology to streamline your treatment

Breast cancer is evolving at an unprecedented rate, but so is our technology. Our TOPS Comprehensive Breast Center is equipped with advanced technology that can help our physicians get to the root of the problem. Our innovative medical equipment allows us to detect breast cancer in its early stages and provide treatment that has restored the health of thousands of patients throughout the Houston area.

We provide 3D and 2D mammography, ultrasound-guided biopsy, cyst aspiration, fine needle aspiration, ductography, and preoperative localization procedures.

Whether you are looking for a screening procedure or require an ultrasound-guided breast tissue biopsy, our team at TOPS Comprehensive Breast Center is here to help.

A breast cancer support community

At TOPS Comprehensive Breast Center, we go a step further and work to make this difficult time more positive for you.

With our breast cancer support group, you can become part of a helpful breast cancer community that comprehends your needs and enlightens and supports you during this challenging time.

Moreover, you can benefit from our Nurse Navigator Program and seek professional support during your breast cancer journey.

Contact us to learn more about both our TOPS Comprehensive Breast Center and other surgical procedures. You can also find a doctor that’s right for you from our list below.

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