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Your Guide to Recovering From Orthopedic Surgery

The idea of getting orthopedic surgery can be intimidating. While you may be focused solely on the procedure itself, the post-op care is equally important to your full recovery. Your doctor will prescribe a post-op care plan to help you recover your strength and mobility after your orthopedic surgery.

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3 Signs You Need to See an Orthopedic Specialist

Orthopedic physicians specialize in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system. This includes the bones, joints, tissues, and cartilages in your body. When any of these elements cease to function properly, or cause discomfort, it’s worth visiting an orthopedic physician for medical consultation and treatment.

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What Is Foraminal Stenosis, and Why Does It Cause Back Pain?

Foraminal stenosis is a type of spinal stenosis that causes the openings (aka foramens) between the spinal bones to tighten. When these openings narrow, a person typically experiences back pain and discomfort. He or she may also have trouble standing or walking, experience weakness in the limbs, and feel a burning sensation in the affected […]

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