TOPS Comprehensive Breast Center provides every patient undergoing breast procedures with a Breast Health Nurse Navigator, who assists them during their breast cancer treatment and recovery journey.

Finding the road to recovery

Breast cancer can take a toll on your mental, physical, and emotional health. With tons of medications, referrals, doctor visits, and medical tests, patients can find themselves feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Our Breast Health Nurse Navigator supports patients in their battle against breast cancer to help them get the care they need and make them feel comfortable with the process.

The Breast Health Nurse Navigator helps by:

  • Finding answers to questions related to breast cancer
  • Coordinating with the medical team
  • Offering financial guidance

When a patient is diagnosed with breast cancer, they’re faced with an onslaught of doctor appointments, tests, and prescribed cancer treatment plans that can often be overwhelming. These treatment phases can confuse most patients and make them feel vulnerable and helpless. Breast cancer patients are already fighting a grave medical condition, and these problems can lead to more complications.

The Breast Health Nurse Navigator helps patients sort through the breast cancer journey and provides emotional support as well as a helping hand. The Breast Health Nurse Navigator can:

  • Meet with patients and their families and walk them through their cancer diagnosis. They can explain the physician’s discussions and brief the patients on what to expect during their breast cancer treatment.
  • Help patients with additional needs. These nurses are well resourced and can find additional support that patients may need.
  • Provide additional informative literature to patients and their families and help them make informed decisions regarding medical treatment.
  • Help guide patients during their cancer treatment and offer post-treatment care and support. They can assist in follow-ups and answer patients’ questions.
  • Coordinate and arrange quarterly educational support group meetings. Patients can subscribe and sign up for these meetings and receive periodic informational e-mails.

TOPS Specialty Surgical Hospital’s Comprehensive Breast Center provides breast cancer patients with a free Breast Health Nurse Navigator who is a registered nurse, certified to assist them in their breast cancer journey. Our Nurse Navigator Program simplifies the healthcare process for patients and helps connect them with the right physicians and other resources they may need to aid in their treatment and recovery. Moreover, Breast Health Nurse Navigators help connect patients with volunteers from Reach to Recovery with the American Cancer Society to provide additional support and information.

Reach out to us at TOPS Comprehensive Breast Center to learn more about our Nurse Navigator Program and get the help you need to battle breast cancer.