If your physician suspects that you may have a cyst on your breast, they may recommend an ultrasound-guided cyst aspiration, which can help identify the nature of the breast cysts.

An ultrasound-guided cyst aspiration is a straightforward procedure in which the radiologist identifies the cyst using an ultrasound probe and then uses a small hollow needle to draw fluid from the cyst.

What to expect during the procedure

Your radiologist will ask you to lie on your back. Next, they will use an ultrasound probe to locate the cyst and then clean the area with an antiseptic. The radiologist will then proceed to numb the area with a local anesthetic. After the anesthetic is administered, the radiologist will inject a fine needle into the cyst. They will try to draw fluid from the region. However, if no fluid is obtained, the radiologist might convert the procedure to a core biopsy.

After the procedure has been completed, a nurse will place a sterile gauze and bandage on top of the cyst to prevent bleeding.

The radiologist will analyze your results and forward the findings to your physician’s office.

How to prepare for the procedure

You can prepare for an ultrasound-guided cyst aspiration procedure by:

  • Wearing a two-piece outfit that you can easily remove during the procedure
  • Eating a light meal before the procedure
  • Not wearing any perfume, deodorant, or talcum powder on your breast area, as these can meddle with your ultrasound results
  • Discussing the medications that you’re currently taking and briefing the physician about any drug allergies that you may have
  • Avoiding aspirin or other blood thinners, which can result in increased bleeding post-procedure
  • Discussing with your doctor any prescribed blood-thinning medication before scheduling the procedure
  • Wearing a tight-fitting bra to accommodate an ice pack

Follow-up care for patients

The entire procedure takes less than 10 minutes to complete. You can expect to feel a slight stinging sensation after the procedure. A small hematoma may occur if a small vessel is injured near the site of needle insertion. Should this happen, tell your doctor so that it may be recorded and treated.

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