An accident, a congenital disability, or a chronic illness may leave you needing medically necessary plastic surgery to repair damage to your skin.

At TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, we recognize the need for plastic and reconstructive surgery in Houston. This is why we have dedicated a specific unit to plastic and reconstructive surgery at our healthcare facility—to help patients further their recovery post-injury and post-surgery.

Exceptional operating rooms for your surgical procedures

Plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures require sophisticated equipment and innovative technology. At TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, the plastic and reconstructive surgeons who practice with us benefit from the latest top-of-the-line surgical units equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Our operating rooms are equipped with the latest surgical microscopes and surgical instrument sets, which enable our surgeons to perform the most intricate plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

Licensed plastic surgeons in Houston for your surgical procedures

TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital is home to some of the top plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the Houston area. Our surgeons have exceptional expertise that helps them perform the most challenging surgical procedures.

Whether you are scheduling a craniofacial surgery or want us to perform reconstructive surgery, our plastic and reconstructive surgeons can work with you and your surgeon to determine the procedure you need to repair the cosmetic damage to your skin.

Premium post-hospitalization care for you

Plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures might require some time to heal. We simplify this process by extending our post-hospitalization care to you. Our healthcare staff will get in touch with you and guide you through the steps of healing and recovery.

You can work with our physical therapists and nutritionists to devise a treatment plan that is effective and workable.

Financial assistance programs for your convenience

Surgical procedures are costly and can put you in a financial bind. At TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, we recognize the growing need for financial assistance amongst our patients. This is why we accept most major medical insurance. We also accept reimbursements from most healthcare insurance providers and offer financial assistance programs. You can learn more about these financial programs through our Patient Center.

If you are looking for a plastic and reconstructive surgery facility to repair damage done post-injury or post-surgery, let TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital help. You can get in touch with our healthcare staff to learn more or find a doctor who’s right for you on the list below.


Dr. Joseph Makilan Baylan
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Younghoon Ronald Cho
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Bryan J. Correa
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Anthony Echo
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Courtney James El-Zokm
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Kyle Patrick Gordley
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Thomas Philip McHugh
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Joseph M Perlman
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Robert Dickey Peterson
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Rukmini Satyamritha Redman
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Scott Michael Reis
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery