Gastroenterological ailments can take a toll on your overall health. If not addressed properly, these medical ailments can progress and prove detrimental to your life. At TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, our gastroenterological center in Houston is made up of physician specialists, caring staff, and advanced facilities to ensure that your gut issues are properly diagnosed and treated.

Well-equipped surgical unit

A well-equipped surgical unit ensures that your surgical procedures are performed under the supervision of leading physicians and staff who care about your well-being. At TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, we’ve designed a technologically advanced surgical facility that has helped thousands of patients get the treatment they need to fully recover. Our operating rooms are equipped with the latest technology to enable surgeons to perform their job with accuracy and precision.

GI tract conditions treated

  • Colitis
  • Colon polyps and cancer
  • Gastroesophageal reflux (heartburn)
  • Gallbladder and biliary tract disease
  • Hepatitis
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Nutritional problems
  • Pancreatitis
  • Peptic ulcer disease

State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment

The correct diagnosis ensures that you are prescribed the right treatment plan. Our innovative processes and procedures tap into the latest technology to help our physicians diagnose your condition and recommend the best treatment plan. Our doctors use this technology to observe any abnormalities in your system. They also perform biopsies if they detect something suspicious during a routine exam.

Highly qualified gastroenterologists

TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital boasts a highly qualified team of gastroenterologists. Our gastroenterologists observe the GI tract, locate underlying problems, and devise effective treatment plans. If your GI ailment requires surgery, our gastroenterologists can work with top surgeons to help you find relief.

Moreover, our team works with children and can tend to GI tract problems from the pharynx to the rectum. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to get to the roots of problems and prevent diseases from progressing to life-threatening conditions.

We accept medical insurance plans

At TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, we accept most medical insurance plans. We realize that surgical procedures can be costly and often become a hurdle on your road to recovery. However, at TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, we mitigate these hurdles and allow you to benefit from our services.

Our Patient Center can provide you with more information regarding our financial options.

You can get in touch with us at 281 530 2900 and learn more about our Houston gastroenterology specialty. You can also find a doctor who is right for you from the list below.