Having to undergo surgery is stressful enough, you shouldn’t have to be concerned with the facility where your procedure will take place. That’s why TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital is the choice of surgeons all over the Houston area. Our General Surgery facility provides doctors with the support and the facilities equipped with the advanced technology they need to feel confident in delivering better patient outcomes.

Advanced surgical facilities

Before you walk into our General Surgery unit for an operation, our healthcare staff will run a few imaging and diagnostic tests. Our innovative, technologically advanced diagnostic equipment helps your doctor accurately identify the root cause of your condition and develop an effective, custom treatment plan.

Whether you are having a procedure to repair an injury or to treat another medical ailment, our operating room is equipped with the latest medical technology. We can even help you find the surgeon who’s right for you and your condition.

Qualified general surgeons in Houston

Some of the most highly rated and qualified general surgeons in the Houston area rely on TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital day after day. Our general surgeons are leaders in their disciplines, having undergone extensive training and having helped hundreds of patients with quality, compassionate care. Whether you are coming in for thyroid surgery or an orthopedic procedure to alleviate joint pain, our staff is here to provide excellent patient care.

Optimum post-hospitalization care for you

Surgical procedures might take some time to recover from. At TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, we go further to ensure that your excellent care experience extends from pre-op to recovery. Our healthcare professionals will guide you in caring for yourself, administering medication, and managing your diet, and your general lifestyle, to expedite recovery.

You can work with our dedicated team of nurses, dietitians, and physical therapists after your surgical procedure.

We accept major healthcare plans

TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital accepts most insurance plans and can help you find financial assistance programs through our Patient Center. We provide multiple financial aid programs for your convenience and to help alleviate the financial burden that often accompanies a surgical procedure.

When you need general surgery, let TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital be your choice. Get in touch with our healthcare staff, or peruse our list of doctors and surgeons below to find one who is right for you.