At TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, our dedicated team of sports medicine physicians in Houston and orthopedic surgeons can help you get back to where you were. Whether you are a professional, amateur, or recreational athlete, our experienced doctors and staff have the tools and experience to evaluate your physical condition, accurately diagnose your sports-related injury, and treat your injury with care.

Getting you back into the game

Our doctors and surgical specialists from different disciplines understand the unique concerns of athletes at all levels. They work together to ensure that your condition is addressed from an athlete’s perspective and your recovery time is reduced to get you back in action as quickly as possible.

The sports medicine specialists at TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital don’t just focus on muscle and bone injuries. We take an integrated approach, dig deep into the underlying medical conditions, and improve your athletic performance through nutrition, physical therapy, and injury prevention.

Houston orthopedic surgeons at your service

Our orthopedic surgeons and physicians use the latest diagnostic and surgical technology to treat sports-related injuries. Whether you have a knee injury, displaced spinal disc, or hand injury, our qualified orthopedic surgeons can recommend the right surgical treatment for you.

Preventive care for your sports needs

At TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, we realize that preventive care can aid in optimum physical performance. Our doctors specialize in preventive and nutritional care and recommend the right supplements, diets, and physical therapy to build strength and mobility.

These nutritional supplements are central to powering your body with the right fuel and cutting down on inflammatory responses in the body.

Physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists

Recovering from sports-related injuries means rehabilitation and physical therapy. Our team of sports medicine specialists will work with your physical therapist and rehabilitation team to help you recover from your surgery and improve your strength and mobility. Our plan will recommend specialized recovery and exercise plans to get you back on the field, the court, or the road as soon as possible.

If you are looking for sports medicine specialists who understand athletes—from professional to recreational—let TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital help. Our team of dedicated sports medicine specialists can help restore your sports performance. With our technologically advanced equipment that helps our physicians screen, diagnose, and treat sports injuries, we’ve helped hundreds of athletes get back to full performance.

Contact our healthcare staff to learn more about our sports medicine specialists. You can also peruse our list of specialists below to find one who’s right for you.