• May 11, 2022

Your Guide to Recovering From Orthopedic Surgery

The idea of getting orthopedic surgery can be intimidating. While you may be focused solely on the procedure itself, the post-op care is equally important to your full recovery. Your doctor will prescribe a post-op care plan to help you recover your strength and mobility after your orthopedic surgery.

Here are a few guidelines that this plan may include:

Get Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a crucial part of your post-op recovery plan and is usually recommended by orthopedic surgeons before and after the surgery. It helps strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments, speeding the recovery process. In doing so, it allows you to restore your range of motion and flexibility as quickly as possible, helping you resume your daily activities.

Physical therapy acts as a rehabilitation strategy that helps patients achieve optimal outcomes after orthopedic surgery. Physical therapists usually work with orthopedic surgeons to develop a personalized recovery plan that focuses on optimizing post-op care and targets your specific needs.

Don’t Skip Your Follow-Up Appointments

This may sound obvious, but many patients end up skipping their follow-up appointments for various reasons. Feeling better is a great sign that you are recovering smoothly, but it’s not the only indicator that your doctor needs to monitor. Attending follow-up appointments is crucial for a smooth recovery, even if it means rescheduling them to more convenient dates.

You may think that you’re healing well and don’t require further examination, but remember, you just had surgery. You need medical consultation post-surgery. Contrary to what many patients believe, a follow-up isn’t a waste of time even if your physician doesn’t tell you anything new in the appointment. On the contrary, it’s a confirmation that you’re recovering well, and that’s important. Moreover, your physician will be looking out for additional things you can’t pick up on.

Don’t neglect your follow-up appointments. You need these to ensure you’re on the right track and are recovering optimally.

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Share Your Concerns

Post-op recovery isn’t a one-way street where you simply follow your surgeon’s instructions. It also involves your voicing your concerns and asking questions as and when necessary.

If you’re unsure of a particular medication prescription, pain management therapy, or post-op instruction, don’t be afraid to discuss it with your physician or contact an orthopedic hospital in Houston. You have every right to ask him or her about the different aspects of your post-op treatment plan and discuss alternate options. You don’t have to wait until the next follow-up appointment to bring up your concerns. Make sure your physician is easily available to answer urgent queries, and reach out to him or her whenever you need to do so.

If you’re looking for an hospital in Houston that provides comprehensive pain management and orthopedic surgical treatments, TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital can help. We also offer post-op care and treatments to help patients recover from orthopedic surgeries.

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