• September 15, 2023

Why Is There A Stigma Around Discussing Men’s Urological Health?

The field of urological health is incredibly vast, with over 10,000 urologists practicing in the U.S. These doctors help people suffering from various types of urological diseases. However, many men are reluctant to discuss urological conditions due to stigmas surrounding them, so they delay seeking help.

Let’s examine some of the men’s urological health stigmas and why men may be hesitant to see a doctor about them.

1. Shame and Embarrassment

Many men view urological issues with shame and embarrassment. This is due to the belief that their masculinity is tied to their sexual organs and functions. Therefore, having a urological condition may make them feel emasculated or inadequate.

2. Poor Communication

Men who find the courage to speak up about their urological issues may struggle to find the right words to express what they are experiencing. These communication challenges may lead them to stop trying to reach out to others for help. This problem is often made worse when partners or family members shrug off the person’s concerns.

3. Treatment Is Painful

Urologists have developed many ways to treat different urological issues. However, some men believe that such treatments will be very painful. As a result, they avoid seeking treatment entirely and hope their issue will resolve itself.

The reality is that while some urological treatments can be unpleasant, urologists at some of the best surgical hospitals, including TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, have devised many ways to make patients more comfortable during these treatments. Resolving a urological issue is certainly preferable to living in constant discomfort.

Why It’s Important to Eliminate Stigmas Around Men’s Urological Health

While everyone experiences health issues occasionally, men with urological health issues face an uphill struggle as they must battle stigmas in addition to their physical ailments.

Eliminating such stigmas is necessary to encourage men to address urological issues before they worsen. Men who are silently suffering from such conditions don’t just experience a poor quality of life; their discomfort also impacts the people around them.

For this reason, a collective effort must be made to speak up about urological health and discuss it openly, similar to how breast cancer treatments or hip replacement surgeries are discussed normally.

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Find a Urologist Near You at TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital

If you’re experiencing a men’s urological health issue, please visit the TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital website to learn more about our urology services. Our urologists can accurately diagnose your issue before implementing a suitable treatment plan.

Once on the urology services page on our website, you can scroll down and learn more about conditions and treatments and find the right urologist near you. Then you can book an appointment with them by clicking on their profile to access their information. At TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, we always go above and beyond when serving our patients. Let us help you get the treatment you need now.



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