• September 19, 2023

Why Clinical Pain Management Is Highly Effective for Chronic Illnesses

Given that six out of 10 Americans live with at least one chronic illness, it comes as no surprise that a vast majority of them also struggle with other symptoms and impacts, such as pain.

For many, this pain can range from mild to severe and become debilitating and difficult to manage. This is why pain management for chronic illnesses should be handled by professional clinics and practitioners such as the physicians at our hospital for special surgery.

The benefits of obtaining professional pain management include:

The Professionals Work to Address the Cause of Your Pain

The way pain management clinics and services work is by addressing the cause of your pain.

It seems obvious that your pain is a result of your “being ill,” but what’s the underlying, specific cause? Is it inflammation? Is it an internal injury? Are you having a flare-up or reaction? Your doctors will focus on the cause of your pain when offering pain management for chronic illness rather than just addressing the symptoms.

Dedicated Pain Management Uses a Personalized Approach

Pain management for chronic illness also focuses on taking a highly personalized approach to your condition. From making considerations regarding physical limitations to psychological stress to reactions to certain medications or methods, it’s a truly holistic, in-depth approach that is tailored to you. It’s much better than general wellness management and allows your practitioner to truly understand what you need.

 A doctor in a white lab coat uses his stethoscope to listen to a patient’s heart.

It Focuses on Long-Lasting Relief and Pain Management

One of the most important benefits of pain management for chronic illness is that it offers long-lasting pain relief and management. One of the most significant benefits of consulting a pain management physician is that he or she can diagnose the cause of your chronic pain and recommend the necessary medical intervention and personal changes to effectively alleviate it.

But learning to make lifestyle modifications above and beyond medical intervention can ensure that chronic pain is adequately managed in the future.

Chronic pain caused by illness makes the illness more uncomfortable, so it’s important to seek out a pain management doctor for chronic illness as part of your overall treatment plan. TOPS, a hospital for special surgery, has doctors who provide pain management treatment in Houston and can help you reclaim your health, allowing you to lead a fuller life. To learn more, visit our North Houston specialty hospital’s webpage on pain management, and then scroll down to find the right pain management physician near you.


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