• April 6, 2022

What’s the Right Age to Get a 3D Mammogram?

3D mammography provides doctors with a very detailed view of the breasts, allowing them to gain more information to make a more accurate diagnosis. Women generally think that the ideal age to get a 3D mammogram is much higher than it really is.

Most women should consider getting a 3D mammogram once they hit 35. Starting annual screenings early is a great way to maintain good breast health and take prompt measures in case there are any warning signs. In this blog, we’ll look at why 40 is the right age to start getting 3D mammograms. Be sure to consult your insurance company for your policy’s specific coverage.

1. Early Detection

Early screening helps detect breast cancer while it’s still in its initial stages of development. You may be able to get treated without chemotherapy, but that is entirely up to your diagnosis and your doctor. The treatment process could be significantly less invasive and taxing, which will give you peace of mind.

2. Death Prevention

Seven out of every 1,000 women who have a mammogram every two years can decrease their chances of dying from breast cancer. Why? Treatment is more effective and reliable during the initial stages of breast cancer. The more the cancer spreads, the trickier it becomes to fight.

By getting an early diagnosis, you’ll give yourself a better chance of living a longer life with better breast health. Most women avoid getting 3D mammograms until they’re way into their 40s, which is fine. But studies support that the earlier you start getting your mammograms, the better.

Ideally, women should get tested once they hit 40, but the adage of better late than never certainly applies here. Just because you’re way past 40 doesn’t mean it’s too late to start. Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the more likely you will miss the opportunity for early detection, making the treatment more rigorous if breast cancer is detected.

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3. Peace of Mind

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The breast cancer journey isn’t easy or straightforward. Women struggle in many different ways. The emotional and physical toll the journey takes on you will make you feel drained, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

Early detection is an excellent way to gain peace of mind and rest assured that you’re in the clear. If you’re not in the clear, you’ll fight an easier fight.

If you’re struggling with starting the process of getting regular mammograms, reach out to your friends and family members. The more support you have, the better. Keep in mind that most mammograms detect nothing and that breast cancer treatments are so much more advanced than they used to be. Because of the latest treatment techniques, breast cancer survival rates are at an all-time high.

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