• April 12, 2023

What to Know Before Getting a Discectomy

Over 480,000 discectomies are performed in the US each year, and it’s one of the most common treatments for lumbar disc herniations, helping patients regain their mobility and spinal health.

It can be daunting to think about a spinal procedure and the risks associated with it, which is why we’re sharing some recommendations and advice on how you can begin preparing for your discectomy.

Prepare for downtime and assistance post-op

While modern discectomies are minimally invasive and relatively quick procedures, you will need support. Prepare your home with a resting area with all your necessities, including medication, food and water, and some form of entertainment within reach. Ask friends or family members to help out while you recover, and prepare yourself mentally and physically.

Take time to rest before and after the procedure

As mentioned above, rest is key to recovery. Your body needs to be fully rested before and after the procedure to support adequate healing, and it’s important for you to prioritize that. Take time off work, put aside errands, and schedule time off, especially a week or two following your surgery.

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Minimize physical activity that strains your spine

Given that a discectomy is performed on your spine, it’s necessary to minimize physical activity that strains your back. You can and should continue light exercise and physical activity, such as walking, right up to your procedure, but avoid lifting heavy weights, doing deep spinal twists and stretches, driving, bending over, and other such movements.

Alter your medications after consulting your doctor

A key step to preparing for a discectomy is altering your medications. You may need to stop using blood thinners and adjust doses for other medicines you take in order to keep yourself safe. Talk to your healthcare provider and discuss your medications in detail before making any changes.

A discectomy can help you regain your health and wellness and alleviate symptoms of back pain in the long run. You can work with surgeons at TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, one of the best hospitals for special surgery in the Houston area, to treat herniated discs and other spine-related issues. Our orthopedic spine surgeons have the training, experience, and expertise required to help you with your spinal health. Begin preparing for your discectomy by visiting our website to find the right orthopedic spine specialist near you and schedule an appointment with them.

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