• November 10, 2022

Using Sports Medicine to Manage Your Weight

For many active people, whether they’re athletes, sports enthusiasts, or just hobbyists who like to stay moving, weight gain can be a difficult thing to go through, given its impacts on mobility, functionality, energy, stamina, and athletic performance. Many athletes also gain weight following an accident or injury that leaves them with limited mobility.

However, you can lose weight through a combination of lifestyle changes, exercise routines, and the guidance of sports medicine services at our specialty hospital in Houston, TX. Here are some ways sports medicine will help you manage your weight:

Sports Medicine Takes a Holistic Approach to Health

Sports medicine is a multi-faceted field of medicine, and although the primary focus at our specialty hospital is a surgical approach to injuries and recovery, we do provide other services. Our physicians can work with you to develop strategies with the goal of helping you work on your injuries or pain and improving your quality of life, athletic performance, and general health. They work to dig deep, identify, and rectify the medical issue, and work from there.

 Two healthy older adults exercise outdoors.

Tailored Strategies for Athletic Performance and Nutrition

They can also tailor strategies that help you optimize your health. This means they can find ways to improve your athletic performance, nutrition for weight management and fueling the body, as well as nutritional supplements that actively help target inflammation. By introducing a tailored exercise and diet regimen alone, you may be able to receive the benefits of weight management.

Support for Injury Prevention and Recovery

As your healthcare provider addresses the medical cause of your weight gain and troubles with diet, nutrition, and performance, they can also come up with an injury prevention plan for you to get into shape without hurting yourself. The goal is to take a long-term approach, which includes hitting milestones and bringing down mass to an optimal range without fatiguing, injuring, or tearing your bones, ligaments, or muscles.

If you suffer from weight gain or your athletic performance has suffered, visit the TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital website for more information about our sports medicine services. On the sports medicine page, you can scroll down and find the right sports medicine specialist near you and click the link to their website to make an appointment.

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