• February 7, 2023

Urological Conditions That Commonly Affect Women

Urological conditions can be quite difficult to deal with, depending on their severity and other factors. Some conditions and urological concerns affect women disproportionately or frequently and can disrupt their health and quality of life.

Among these conditions and problems, here are some of the most common issues that women experience and can get treated for by our gynecologists and urologists in Houston:

Urinary incontinence

About 50% of women experience urinary incontinence, with the likelihood going up to 75% for women aged 65 and above. There are various factors for this issue, with childbirth being one of the biggest contributors. Other problems, such as weakening pelvic floor muscles due to age, can also worsen incontinence and are a serious urological concern for women.

Urinary incontinence often results in bladder leakage when coughing, sneezing, laughing, and performing various activities, including exercise, bending, lifting, and more. It can be very uncomfortable, inconvenient, and sometimes embarrassing.

Bladder infections and UTIs

Various kinds of bladder infections and UTIs that affect women typically happen when bacteria travel into the urethra and cause irritation, burning, and other symptoms. These infections are common and easily treatable, but many of them can be severe and require more extensive treatment, including kidney infections which may even be life-threatening.

A healthy older woman does yoga while sitting in a park.

Bladder prolapse

Bladder prolapse is another issue that can affect women more often than we realize, and can be caused due to childbirth, lung problems that lead to coughing, chronic constipation, and digestive issues, among other reasons. It results in the bladder protruding or pushing down to the vaginal cavity and may lead to urinary incontinence, feelings of not urinating enough, sexual discomfort, and many other issues.

Sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is a major urological concern for women that’s considered taboo and not talked about enough. There are various types of sexual dysfunctions, including painful sex, inability to get aroused or achieve orgasm, and more, which are important to address with a qualified urologist or urogynecologist.

Women’s health is often neglected and downplayed but at TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, we aim to ensure that our patients are well-taken care of, their concerns are heard, and they have access to the best medical care we can offer. Set up an appointment with one of our urologists in Houston or with a gynecologist.


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