• December 18, 2021

Preparing for Your Hip Replacement Surgery: A Patient’s Guide

Over 300,000 people a year tend to get total hip replacement surgery, making it a fairly common procedure. However, despite how common it is, it’s still one of the most major operations anyone will undergo, making pre-operative preparations and ensuring that you’re fit and healthy for the surgery.

Talk to your surgeon in depth before the procedure

Address any concerns, ask questions and talk to them about what the procedure entails, the type of joint you’ll get, and anything else you need to know. It’s important to get an individual consultation and have them break things down for you.

Make preparations at your job and home

Apply for leaves, take time off class, arrange for someone to fill in for you wherever necessary as you take time off to recover. It’s important that you have a stress-free recovery period and you’re thinking about the next commitment, meeting, or showing up to work when you can’t walk. Figure out how to work remotely if absolutely necessary, but be prepared for many downtimes as you heal.

As for your home, you can and should rearrange furniture, set up a comfortable room on the first floor of your house, make arrangements for elevators or wheelchairs if stairs are unavoidable, and keep all your essentials, including medications, clothing, snacks, devices, etc. close to you. You should also add railings to your stairs and bathrooms, including the shower, so you have secure support to help you move.

An elderly man walks along a pavement holding two walking canes for support.

Work on weight loss and getting to a healthy weight

Depending on how much time you have before surgery, do whatever you can to lose excess weight. It may be harder with existing hip problems, but you can combat that through a balanced diet, gentle, low-impact movement and exercise such as walking, and of course, strengthening your upper body, so it’s easier to use your walker or crutches and support yourself.

Additionally, start physical therapy to kickstart your recovery, get stronger and get a grip of exercises that will aid in recovery. The sooner you start the easier it gets to do them after your procedure.

Bring friends and family on board to help out post-op

Don’t attempt to do this all by yourself. Whether you need to call in friends and family a few times a week or hire a nurse to help you, you should have someone to rely on as you recover. From walking to eating, you will need help.

If you’re due for a hip replacement surgery,  meet with leading orthopedic surgeons in Houston, TX, for a complete treatment plan. Set up an appointment with our healthcare specialists and get a tailor-made plan, or get information about your surgery through our website and reach out if you have more questions and concerns. We’re here to help you in any way we can.

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