• June 8, 2023

Common Gynecological Conditions Faced by Older Women

Gynecological problems and conditions aren’t just limited to reproductive-aged women or teens. They’re quite common among older women who are postmenopausal or even geriatric-aged.

From sexual health concerns to fluctuating hormones and bodily functions, there are several issues and gynecologic problems that older women struggle with regularly, including:

Urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections such as UTIs affect some older women because their muscles are weaker from age and degeneration, making it harder to empty their bladders. The urine and bacteria that stay behind in the urinary tract cause irritation and lead to diseases and infections. In elderly women, urinary tract infections can cause disorientation or dementia-like symptoms, but those can clear up after taking an antibiotic.

Other reasons could be attributed to comorbidities or bodily functions, including but not limited to diabetes, sexual activity, or other conditions.

Cervical dysplasia

Another fairly common gynecological issue that affects many older women is cervical dysplasia. This condition results in the formation of cells and abnormal tissue in the cervix that may or may not indicate something more serious. Older women with a history of HPV infections and associated diseases are more prone to developing cervical dysplasia, which can prove uncomfortable for many.

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Bladder incontinence

As mentioned earlier, age, childbirth, and lack of exercise all contribute to bladder incontinence because the muscles just don’t work the way they once did. This means many older women are vulnerable to this problem and struggle with this issue. While incontinence is not always reversible, it can be managed through a combination of lifestyle changes, exercises, and more. Another factor that affects incontinence and makes gynecology for older women difficult is the shift in hormones that exacerbates this condition.

Pelvic floor disorders

Many older women suffer from pelvic floor disorders such as prolapses. These problems can exist for years before they deter your quality of life, and older age exacerbates them. Worsening symptoms of pain and discomfort can impact women’s quality of life significantly.

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