• September 20, 2021

Back and Neck Care in 2021: Make Use of These 3 Practical and Effective Practices

Back and neck care have emerged as a critical subject during the pandemic, as people have neglected their health while being cooped up in their homes all day. With an increase in device screen time, they have put their back and neck health at risk, possibly causing long-term damage.

When people spend an excessive amount of time engaging with desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and television screens, there’s a high risk of damaging the delicate musculoskeletal structures in their backs and necks. There’s also a risk of adopting poor ergonomic habits, which can further exacerbate damaging conditions.

If you’ve been struggling to alleviate persistent back and neck pain, here are some helpful practices that could get your spine health back on track.

1. Personalized Back and Neck Exercises

While prolonged rest may sound like a great idea, it can end up doing more harm than good. Excessive rest further weakens back and neck joints. Do customized back exercises and neck stretches to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, combat stiffness, and increase your range of motion.

2. Ice and Heat Therapy

If you’re looking for temporary relief, ice and heat therapy should be your go-to remedy. The tried and true practice has been around a long time, and people are using other innovative methods to achieve greater pain relief. Use an ice pack and heating pad alternately to ease soreness and achiness.

3. Surgery

neck pain massage and exercise
Sometimes light back pain can be alleviated with massage therapy.

Getting temporary relief for back and neck pain is important, but it’s not enough when thinking long term. When the pain is persistent, no matter how often your exercise or stretch, you may need to consult your doctor, who may refer you to an experienced orthopedic surgeon so you can get back to optimal health. The surgeon will assess your condition and create a customized treatment plan that may include surgery—minimally invasive or non-invasive.

It’s important to note that surgery has been found to be the most effective and lasting treatment for chronic back and neck pain. Timely surgery can help you enjoy a lifetime of good back and neck health.

Consult TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital’s Back and Spine Center

As one of the leading hospitals for back and neck pain, TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital specializes in diagnosing and treating a wide range of back and neck conditions including herniated disc, cervical myelopathy, foraminal stenosis, and cervical radiculopathy.

If you’re looking for expert back and neck care, consult their back and spine center. Hundreds of patients in the Houston area have turned to them for back surgery for sciatica, back surgery for a herniated disc, and lower back pain surgery. Visit their website to find a specialist who can help and to make your appointment directly with their office.

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