• October 18, 2022

A Closer Look at Different Types of Mammography

Mammography is a low-dose X-ray imaging method that provides a picture of breast tissue (mammogram). Doctors use mammograms to examine the breasts for signs of cancer. Used as a diagnostic and screening tool, mammography helps detect all types of breast cancer: invasive lobular, invasive ductal, and so on.

This blog will offer a closer look at the most common types of mammography. If you’re considering getting yourself tested for breast cancer, use this blog to help you select the right mammography.

1. 3D Mammography

3D mammography lets radiologists observe breast tissue from different angles. This technique is very different from 2D technology, which fails to detect abnormal tissue development that has replaced healthy breast tissue. 3D mammography helps detect breast tumors that have the potential of developing into malignant tumors.

2. Contrast-Enhanced Mammography

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Contrast-enhanced mammography provides additional information that cannot be obtained with regular mammography. A drug, also known as a contrast agent, is imaged using mammographic imaging equipment. This agent accumulates in breast areas where cancers are developing or proliferating.

3. Film-Screen Mammography

Film-screen mammograms provide black-and-white images on film. This technique has become outdated and isn’t commonly used anymore. However, it was very popular before 3D and contrast-enhanced mammograms were developed. Film-screen mammography is also a slower process.

Is Mammography Safe?

When patients arrive for breast cancer screening, they often present concerns about the safety of mammography. Mammograms help save lives by detecting breast cancer at an early stage.

The procedure is completely safe. Patients are exposed to a very small and negligible amount of radiation. The entire process will take roughly 20 minutes. There’s little to no discomfort.

When choosing a facility for your mammogram, look for a hospital with a special breast cancer department. Its comprehensive care center will allow you to receive consistent care, from diagnostics through treatment.

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