• June 28, 2023

4 Signs You Need to Visit an Orthopedic Surgeon Urgently

We rely on our musculoskeletal system on a daily basis, from walking and moving to performing daily tasks, but there might be several complications and challenges that hinder your mobility, performance, and functionality.

If you’re suffering from an injury or other musculoskeletal problem or have been in an accident, you may need to visit an orthopedic surgeon ASAP. Here are the signs and indicators that you need to see an orthopedist right away:

1. You’re experiencing joint pain and swelling

Joint pain and swelling are two of the most significant indicators that you need to visit an orthopedic surgeon. You might also notice that your joints feel more swollen than usual from conditions like arthritis or they ache, hurt, or feel more tender and sensitive to the touch. It’s incredibly important to consult a doctor who can help you.

2. You’re having trouble moving freely

Another sign that it’s time to visit an orthopedic surgeon is that you’re experiencing limited mobility and agility. For instance, you might be having persistent and chronic knee pain, you find it difficult to climb stairs, or you can’t perform simple functions like lifting or carrying objects. It’s vital that you report any changes to your health to your healthcare provider.

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3. You’re experiencing neck or back pain

Another indicator that something is wrong and you need to speak to your healthcare provider is that you’re experiencing neck or back pain. This could be due to issues in your spine and require the expertise of an orthopedic surgeon in order to correct the issue. By not doing so, you run the risk of the pain getting worse.

4. You’re experiencing numbness and tingling

Numbness and tingling in your extremities, such as your hands or feet, are not unusual, especially if it’s something as mild as pins and needles. But if this problem is recurring and continues to bother you for several days or weeks, there might be a more serious musculoskeletal problem like nerve compression or inflammation.

If you’ve experienced any of the above, it’s time to visit an orthopedic surgeon to get a proper diagnosis and immediate treatment.

Don’t delay making your appointment, because the longer you wait, the worse your condition can become. TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital, one of the best surgical hospitals in Houston, can connect you to experienced orthopedic surgeons in your area. Our surgeons perform knee surgeries, hip replacements, sports medicine for athletes, and more at our hospital for special surgery. Find the right physician near you today and set up an appointment with their office directly.



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