• December 21, 2021

3 Tips to Decide if Surgery is the Right Option for You

Deciding on whether or not to seek out surgical treatment for any health concern is a major decision for anyone to make. Whether it’s a minor outpatient procedure or something major such as joint replacement, there are several factors that you must consider.

We’re providing some tips to help you decide whether surgery is the right option for you, so you can also discuss them with your healthcare provider. Learn more below:

1. Discuss the outcomes with your surgeon

Talk to your surgeon about what the expected and potential outcomes of the procedure will be. Will it help manage and ease the pain? Will it restore mobility to the area that is affected?

Will it reverse or help manage an injury? Will it keep a health complication from exacerbating? Knowing what the benefits of the surgery are will help determine whether it’s necessary, and so understands the risks and side effects.

Is there a chance of permanent damage from this? Is it a high-risk procedure? You may want to discuss all these issues and information with your surgeon before making up your mind.


A doctor performs a general physical exam and checks a patient's blood pressure during it.

2. Look into alternative and complementary treatments

Consider the efficacy of alternative and complementary treatments too. Can physical therapy or occupational therapy bring out similar outcomes? Can meditational treatment achieve that? If other treatments don’t measure up, surgery may be the most effective route. Alternatively, you should also look into treatments that complement the surgery itself and help you make management easier.

3. Consider the length of the recovery period

Another major factor in deciding to opt for surgery is the recovery period itself. Ask them about the length, the requirements, and what you’ll need to do to heal and recover.

Will you need to follow up procedures, physical therapy, and other lifestyle modifications? If yes, the type of recovery requirements may also impact your decision since some procedures take a few weeks while others may take many months of recovery.

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