• January 30, 2022

3 Signs That Show a Visit to a Urologist Is Long Overdue

The field of urology is responsible for keeping some of the most important organs and their functions in our body healthy, including the kidneys, bladder, urethra, prostate glands, ureters, and even our overall reproductive health.

Yet, many people have no idea when or why they need to see a urologist. Chances are, at some point in your life, your family physician may recommend you see a urologist. This could be for several reasons, but even if he or she doesn’t make this recommendation, here are some of the top reasons for you to book an appointment with a urologist right away.

Bladder Control Has Been a Problem for You

Normally, it shouldn’t be very hard for adults to control their bladder for even extended periods. However, urinary incontinence is one of the most common reasons people visit a urologist. So, if you find yourself losing bladder control and frequently being “late” to the restroom, and experiencing involuntary leaks, it could be a condition for which you need to see a urologist.

Urinary incontinence can be caused by several conditions, including an overactive bladder, and can be diagnosed as stress urinary incontinence, overflow incontinence, or mixed incontinence. A urologist can help you understand the root causes of your scenario and help you find treatments.

There’s Pain and Blood While Urinating

Urination should normally be an easy and pain-free process. So, if you find yourself struggling to urinate because of pain, it could be due to kidney or bladder stones, yeast or vaginal infections, enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, or interstitial cystitis. All of these conditions can cause you several issues while urinating, such as difficulty in emptying your bladder, painful urination, and so on.

Moreover, the pain may even be accompanied by blood in the urine or semen, which is a very obvious sign of an infection or a more serious problem. To be sure, your urologist can perform a thorough examination and run some tests to create an appropriate treatment plan.

You Feel Pain in Your Lower Stomach

A lot of people experience pain in their lower back, or the side of their back, or in the groin region. In many cases, they ignore it, hoping that it will go away. If you feel this kind of pain, it could be a symptom of kidney stones, but you’ll need your doctor to perform an examination to know for sure.

While the pain alone is reason enough to see a urologist, you should definitely take it more seriously if the pain is accompanied by blood in the urine or fever and nausea. While in most cases, it could be kidney stones, the pain could also be caused by a different, more serious urologic condition.

Other Reasons to See Your Urologist

Besides these signs and symptoms, you should also see a urologist if you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction or a decreased sex drive. Testicular pain, lumps, and enlarged prostate are all also very valid reasons to book an appointment with a urologist.

If you’re experiencing any of these listed symptoms or others that you think may be related to a urologic problem, you can choose from a list of qualified urologists at TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital in Houston, Texas. Search our website to find one who’s near you.

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