• December 20, 2021

The Most Common Sports Injuries That May Require Surgery

Sports injuries are unavoidable whether you’re an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or even an occasional sportsperson. As strong as they are, our bodies are also quite vulnerable, and anyone can get injured throughout their athletic activity.

However, certain sports injuries may require surgical treatment and intervention if persistent, severe, or repeated. The most typical injures that end up requiring surgery more often than not include:

ACL tears and injuries

ACL tears and injuries can be incredibly debilitating and cause sharp pain as the ligament gets strained. Tears may lead to inflammation, swelling, and a lack of stability as you struggle to move and walk or even stand. They’re most common in sports that involve a lot of running and erratic movement and changes in direction such as lacrosse, soccer, basketball, etc.

While some tears may be resolved with physical therapy, others will inevitably require surgery to repair or replace the ligament.

A lacrosse player on the ground while teammates and opponents surround them.

Fractures and dislocations

Fractures and dislocations are incredibly painful and require some degree of surgical intervention or treatment, whether to replace, repair, or stabilize the injury site. They can occur anywhere in the body, be it the knees, femur or tibias, ankles, feet, hands, elbows, or shoulders. Some are minor and heal within a few weeks, while others require several months and multiple rounds of surgery and extensive physical therapy.

Back injuries and pain

Back and spine injuries are some of the worst and may prove fatal in some cases or even lead to permanent disability in others, especially if unaddressed immediately. Stress from weight, movement, trauma, or general wear and tear can cause long-lasting, severe impacts requiring surgical treatment. Prevention is key in keeping your back healthy and strong, and as an athlete or fitness enthusiast, you should make it a regular part of your routine.

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