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  • December 19, 2021

The 3 Benefits of Breast Screening

There is a lot of hesitation and misunderstanding about the benefits and importance of breast cancer screening. But it’s a lot more beneficial despite the supposed dangers and risks associated with it.

It’s something that helps save lives and is crucial for your health; that’s why it’s definitely worth considering. If you’re still unsure about it, here are some major benefits of breast screening:


It detects cancer early

Early detection of breast cancer is one of the biggest benefits of breast screening. Since breast cancer is highly treatable, early detection plays a major role in its prevention and treatment. Screening checks women across all backgrounds, whether or not they have a family history, whether they’re experiencing symptoms such as lumps and discharge, and does an excellent job of detecting any abnormalities and formations. It also helps identify and find other issues that may have gone unnoticed and undetected.

A person in a pinky hoodie wears a pink ribbon to express support for breast cancer survivors.

Mammograms literally save lives

Mammography and mammograms are currently the gold standards of detection and screening for breast cancer, and they truly do save lives. Women aged 40 and above are advised to get yearly mammograms to ensure they are healthy and have no unusual development. Mammograms aren’t harmful or dangerous, especially when performed so infrequently. In fact, they save lives!


They improve chances of survival by 25-30% or more, which means they’re absolutely vital in the longevity and quality of your life.


It’s more accurate than other tests

At-home testing and physical exams are absolutely necessary and very helpful, but they may not be as accurate. Thanks to advancements in technology, accurate images, and the different quality and variety of tests, their accuracy is higher than other types of testing and imaging. Women under 50 and those with dense breasts are advised to go for digital mammograms, which store their tests in digital forms.


Regular screening can help with early diagnosis and keep you safe. You can schedule an appointment with our Comprehensive Breast Center, where we offer cohesive breast cancer screening and diagnostic services in Houston, TX. Our services include breast ultrasound-guided biopsies, ultrasounds, and mammography, among others. Learn more about them by reaching out to us.


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