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  • September 29, 2021

Keeping Your Spirits Up After Back Surgery

Surgery, in general, is tough, but back surgery is especially impactful on the body. Depending on how severe your condition was and the nature of your procedure, the recovery process can be long and isolating. However, keeping your spirits up and your mind focused on healing are important.

Here are some ways you can keep your mood positive during the recovery.

Follow Recovery Instructions and Get Moving

Start with making sure you understand your recovery plan. Follow all your surgeon’s instructions for your recovery. Depending on the type of back surgery you had, you may be prescribed medication and asked to start walking around gradually after a number of days. Make sure you do it since movement will, in and of itself, make you feel better.

Always follow these instructions carefully and never delay getting mobile again unless you’re in serious pain. At Houston Neurosurgery and Spine, we make sure to schedule follow-ups with our post-op patients to make sure they’re doing well.

Get Emotional Support

The role of emotional support and mental health in any kind of recovery can’t be overstated. Make sure you have an emotional support system in place. This can mean your spouse, significant other, children who live with you, or friends or church members who can drop by to visit frequently.

You can also create emotional support for yourself by learning to meditate, journaling about your inner state and recovery, or joining an online community dedicated to your condition.

Learn a New Hobby

It seems trivial, but there are so many skills we don’t develop these days. You can learn to do any number of things while you’re resting in bed. Knitting is very therapeutic once you get the hang of it, and it will make you feel as though you’ve been accomplishing something after all.

Origami is another skill that can keep your mind occupied as you master the numerous folds. You could also order art supplies ahead of time and get back to painting or sketching.

There are literally thousands of online courses you can take with local universities or online schools such as MasterClass where celebrities and other leaders in their field teach courses for a very reasonable annual subscription.

Educate Yourself on Your Surgery

woman talking with her doctor
Talking with your doctor can help educate yourself about your procedure and make you feel more comfortable about your recovery.

Uncertainty causes you to feel anxious, so try to understand as much as you can about your condition and procedure. Find out about your surgery, why you had it, or the condition that led to the symptoms you were experiencing—now is your time to learn. Look for videos online made by actual doctors (don’t trust every website) or ask your surgeon to give you some material to read or a website that they trust.

The more you know about your surgery and condition, the more comfortable you’ll feel and the better you’ll be able to follow your post-op care instructions.

Indulge in Entertainment

This should go without suggesting because it seems so obvious. But post-surgery is the best time to spend time taking your mind off your situation. Escape by catching up on TV shows you never got the time to binge or making a dent in your bucket list of films. You could also start reading again and get to the books you’ve been meaning to pick up.

You can try to learn chess, work crossword puzzles, or master the Rubik’s cube to keep your mind sharp. You can educate yourself on important issues with documentaries too.

TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital focuses on each patient’s recovery to ensure that your experience at our back and spine facility in Houston is excellent and compassionate. If you suffer from back pain, you can find an orthopedic and spine specialist who can help on our website. Simply click on their profile and make your appointment directly with their office.


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