• February 9, 2023

How to Prepare for a Colonoscopy

A colonoscopy is a fairly routine procedure that many people get each year. You may be expected to get one as part of your routine screening, if you’re at risk of certain colorectal conditions, or if you’re already experiencing symptoms such as bleeding or pain.

Many of us are unsure what to expect during the procedure or how to prepare for a colonoscopy. Here’s a brief guide to making the process easier:

Adjust your diet a few days leading up to the procedure

It’s important to adapt your diet before the procedure to make things easier for yourself. Make a grocery list, go shopping for supplies, and cut out certain foods for a few days to prepare for your colonoscopy. These include seeds and nuts, certain fruits and raw vegetables, and fatty foods that may make the process uncomfortable for you. Stick to a low-fiber diet that won’t irritate your stomach and is easy to digest.

Stick to a simple, mainly liquid diet the day before

The day before your colonoscopy, be sure to avoid eating solid foods and stick to clear liquids that won’t cause flare-ups. Examples include coffee or tea without creamer, sports drinks, broth, and sometimes even sodas. However, you should steer clear of red drinks and liquids that may resemble blood and interfere with the test results. Spending the entire day on liquids is tough, but it’s the best measure of safety and comfort.

A man prepares to eat a healthy bowl of soup.

Be sure to take the prescription laxative as instructed

Your gastroenterologist in Houston will prescribe laxatives and share a schedule of when to take them. You may need to take them the day before to cleanse your colon and digestive tract completely and then once more the morning of the procedure. This ensures no waste is left behind, and it’s best to be prepared for intense diarrhea, heavy bowel movements, stool, and some sensitivity or burning, especially if you have hemorrhoids.

Calm your nerves with some breathing exercises

Among all the preparation for your colonoscopy, however, it’s important to focus on your mental health and find ways to calm your nerves. Try breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and other methods that help your mind and body calm down so you’re not panicking or worrying before your appointment. If you do experience anxiety, discuss your concerns with your gastroenterologist in Houston.

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